Extreme aerial adrenaline

Extreme aerial adrenaline

Few things get the adrenaline flowing like flying a high performance kite... And even more so if that kite has been built for maximum jumping potential. Send the Voltage for a jump and you'll know what we're talking about! Make no mistake; the all new Voltage is not your average powerkite. It is designed to be the most extreme and powerful fixed bridled foil yet in the Peter Lynn history. Designed with maximum boost, lift and airtime in mind, the Voltage lends itself perfectly for buggy and landboarding freestyle. It's got plenty of speed on tap and more than enough raw power to lift you and your buggy or board to new extremes. Do you think you're ready?


Extreme power

The Voltage is purposely built to go bigger, harder and higher than the competition.

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To this end, we have built a High Aspect ratio machine with specially designed profiles that result in a kite that demands the respect of even the most seasoned powerkiter. The Voltage’s shape and design deliver awesome raw power throughout the whole wind window, making the kite extremely well suited to boost big floaty jumps.

Hardcore performance

The Voltage is by far the most extreme fixed bridle foil created by Peter Lynn’s world leading design team to date.

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Over 40 years of kite building experience have led to the creation of a kite that offers extremes in all aspects. The robust construction, the flying speed, the incredible lift, its responsive controls. It’s all there to get your adrenaline flowing.

High flying speed

To deliver its insane airtime potential, the Voltage is fast, very fast.

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In fact, the Voltage can keep up, in terms of speed, with most current buggy race kites on the market. This high flying speed directly translates into huge air when you send the kite for a jump. The Voltage’s high flying speed is complemented with crisp controls and quick turning, allowing for fast and easy adjustments in its flight path.

High-end construction

To make this powerful kite as durable and reliable as possible.

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We have used top grade materials and construction techniques. The Voltage’s bottom skin is double stitched flat onto the profiles. The bridle points are all double stitched. The bridle itself is made out of Dynacore, a pre-stretched Dyneema® line with a polyester cover. And the bridle loops are extremely strong, spliced and stitched Samson Dyneema® line. The Voltage is built to resist extremes, are you?



The Voltage is available in the following sizes:

3.0m², 4.0m², 5.0m², 6.5m² & 8.5m²


The Voltage is delivered ‘kite only’ or complete, containing:

  • Voltage kite
  • Voltage bag
  • 4-line handles (complete version only)
  • High quality Dyneema® flying lines (complete version only)
  • Ground stake (complete version only)
  • 4-line bridles foil manual

Twister colour combinations:

  • Voltage 3.0m2 - aqua/orange – red/white
  • Voltage 4.0m2 - grey/orange – teal/white
  • Voltage 5.0m2 - aqua/orange – red/white
  • Voltage 6.5m2 - grey/orange – teal/white
  • Voltage 8.5m2 - aqua/orange – red/white

Line length & strength:

  • Voltage 3.0m2 18m  200/100Kg
  • Voltage 4.0m2 20m  200/100Kg
  • Voltage 5.5m2 20m  200/100Kg
  • Voltage 7.5m2 20m  200/100Kg
  • Voltage 8.5m2 20m  200/100Kg
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