Kite design redefined

At Peter Lynn we take pride in our strong Dutch belief in honest, uncompromised and no-nonsense products. A belief that enforces us to solely use the best possible materials and innovative construction methods, in order to deliver only products that meet the highest quality standards in every aspect.

Peter Lynn Kites are only released when we feel that they offer a significant improvement over previous models. We refrain from launching new products each year that do not express our vision of innovative and cutting edge kite design.

Our kites are thoroughly tested in a variety of conditions on different surfaces all over the world and scrutinized in every aspect by the most demanding riders.

Whether you are just getting started or shredding waves, whether you´re ripping up the dirt or carving fresh powder… Peter Lynn provides you with capable and reliable tools to have fun, progress fast and get the most out of your kiting sessions, every session!

Only the best materials

At Peter Lynn we use only the best materials in every product we make. In this context ‘the best’ does not necessarily refer to the ‘ligthest weight’ or ‘the strongest’ or ‘most expensive’ materials, but means that for each individual kite we select a combination of the most suitable materials; materials with exactly those characteristics that match the intended use of a product. It goes without saying that the best materials for a beginner foil kite, that should survive a proper bashing, are different from the balanced set of materials for a high performance race kite. Combined with choosing a suitable construction- and finishing method, materials are therefore a key factor determining careless fun and performance for many years.


Tuned to perfection

If it comes to another key factor determining flying behaviour; the bridle system, the difference is in the detail. Sometimes fine-tuning the bridle setup is all it may take for a top kite to make the difference. All Peter Lynn bridled foils, ranging from the Hype to the Vapor, have got precisely tuned and minimized bridles. These bridles have all been made out of either pre-stretched Dyneema® or Dynacore (Dacron outer shell with pre-stretched Dyneema® core), making them highly efficient while providing a direct feel when controlling your kite. Besides, all bridles are free of stretch which makes it unnecessary to equip the bridles with bulky, performance reducing, adjustable systems.

Double needle stitched seams

Industry leading construction methods

All Peter Lynn kites are constructed with great care and according to our strict quality requirements. Unlike many other kite brands out there we do not skimp on build quality and longevity and accept no compromises; with Peter Lynn you get quality gear for your hard earned cash.

We are proud to claim the build quality that we offer: all our foil kites are stitched with double needle machines in key areas for extra durability, profiles, D-ribs & H-ribs are made out of different, extra strong rip-stop nylon, leading edges are reinforced with webbing…and the list goes on.

With all these premium build features we gladly invite you to put any Peter Lynn kite to a comparative test and feel and see the difference for yourself.

Flight characteristics

Our designers take great care in giving each individual kite the characteristics required, and not just per model but per individual size as well. We feel that for each kite to perform as intended it is simply not possible to design one size and then scale it up or down to get a whole range of different sizes; small kites will always act differently than their bigger siblings.