Here you can find downloadable PDF manuals for all current Peter Lynn products. If you are looking for an older manual, please send us an email via the contact page on this site, then we´ll dig through the archives to get you what you need.

Bridled foil manuals

2-line bridled foil manual

3-line bridled foil manual

4-line bridled foil manual

4-line powerkite bar manual

4-line powerkite bar classic manual

Backstrap manual

Chestpad manual

Kitekiller manual

Peter Lynn Brochure

Peter Lynn Brochure 2014 

Depower kite & control manuals

4-line depower foil manual

4-line LEI manual

4-line Twinskin manual

Navigator bar manual

Magnet manual

Buggy manuals

Buggy manual

Buggy drybag manual

Walk of shame leash