4-line Allstar handles
When flying your 4-line bridled foil kite, you are looking for a direct feel and optimal control to make the kite fly exactly as you want it to fly. The Peter Lynn Allstar handles have been designed to satisfy the demand of top level riders. The handles are fully covered with EVA foam for optimal grip anywhere on the handle. All lines are made from Dyneema, ensuring extra durability and minimum stretch. Designed primarily for allround traction kiting, landboarding, freestyle buggying and snowkiting, the Allstar handles feature a soft neoprene cover around the top line attachment.The handles are designed to be grabbed with the top line attachment between the index- and middle finger or below the top line attachment when riding hooked in.


Available in sizes small (30cm), medium (35cm) and large (40cm), all Allstar handles are supplied with a 55cm Dyneema harness line.


Replacement harness lines are available in various sizes.

allstar handles